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What I’ve Learned about Myself Through Travel

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Throughout my life, I've been given many chance to travel and participate in a variety of different experiences related to traveling. These opportunities have given me a lot of chances to learn new things about myself, as well as from the various relationships they've provided - chances to, of course, learn from others.

One of the most important and useful things I've learned in my travels is the meaning of true cultural diversity and the willingness to learn about others different from me. I've had the chance to meet people from various countries during my travels - Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Europe, Africa. As well as people from the US but from vastly different backgrounds than my own. Through this interaction, I've learned a lot about being open to learning new things about other cultures through the eyes of the folx I've met. Being a Social Work, in my full time role, this has proven to be an invaluable skill and grants me access to a wealth of knowledge I wouldn't be able to gain otherwise.

I've also discovered that, although I love traveling and enjoying new experiences, once I've found what I love, I want to do it repeatedly. For example, I've been to Disney several times and I've worked for the Walt Disney Company which gave me unlimited access to the parks but to this day, I would still go EVERYDAY if I could. I can easily say the same thing for most cruise-related experiences.

I've also discovered that I have a limit to how adventurous my travels will be. There are some things that I would enjoy to watch more rather than to participate in - some examples: swimming with sharks or jumping out of planes. Although, I love a good punch of adrenaline as much as the next person. I can get that same rush watching my clients, friends, and family members enjoy these experiences.

The last one I'll touch on here, is my love to research different travel options and things to do in the area. This is not meant to be a plug - but through travel, I've learned how I best research and been able to apply similar research techniques to other areas of my life (i. e., research for school/work). This has greatly helped me over the year as I completed, and am completing my education journey. Making it so much easier to complete research projects and assignments.

I'm excited to see what my family learns as we travel and experience new things. I'm sure they'll provide new and interesting insight that may not have even crossed my mind. I hope you guys take time to reflect on your travels and identify any new learning opportunities they have, and will, provide you.


D'Vaughn Delpit

Dreams of Wonder Travel Agency


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