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Let's be Transparent

Recently, I've made adjustments to my social media process which includes my planning process on when I write and post blogs. This shift came able after realizing that my day-to-day schedule has changed which has resulted in having less time to dedicate to home needs and the running of my travel agency. The changes in my schedule has resulted in me working 10 hours days most weekdays, in addition to working a few hours on the weekends. Although, this is something that is totally fine for me as an individual - this is not something that directly aligned with the level of care and involvement I want to have with my family.

Unfortunately, being that I'm still in an educational process while working towards my Clinical Social Work License, I'm not in a position where I can adjust my full-time and part-time roles that would benefit my goal of completing this process before my children reach traditional school age. However, I can make adjustments in my business planning to do this.

The opportunity to be able to make adjustments to my own business schedule is the great thing about running my own business. The change was simple, rather than trying to create content every day, I've now split it up in to scheduled (something I should've done long ago!). This schedule is allowing me to better management when I develop my reels/video content for social media, when I draft posts, and when I write blogs. I'm not sure what took me so long to do this - literally all the research I did and classes I took coming into my business heavily recommended it but I can be so stubborn at times.

Additionally, as a social worker, I'm in a interesting space where I can explore the various benefits that traveling can provide to the whole person. Why I'm just realizing that I can combine my content creating efforts for my educational/professional interests with my love of helping people see the world, I'm not sure. BUT, I'm excited for to see how this unique opportunity and interest I have may unfold.

For me, I've learned a few lessons recently. One, in juggling everything in my life, I'll do whatever I can to avoid sacrificing my involvement with my family as much as I can. Two, don't be afraid to listen to what I've been told as it relates to my business/social media planning (DUH!). What they saying? "Don't reinvent the wheel.", or something like that. Well I clearly did. Third, in realizing that both of my passions could be connected - I'm realizing I wasted quite a bit of time sitting in nervousness/uncertainty in considering to blend my interest.

DON'T BE SCARED TO TRY SOMETHING NEW! Although, I'm not yet sure how thins process will go. I really won't know if I don't dive into the water. Let's see how this new schedule and these new shifts serve Dreams of Wonder. Bringing a social work approach to travel may be interesting.

Thank you for reading and I hope you can learn from my stubbornness/fear.

D'Vaughn Delpit

Dreams of Wonder Travel Agency


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