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Traveling to Dallas

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Hey everyone!!

So, first off, sorry that my blogs have recently been kind of inconsistent! Business has picked up and as a one man run company, as you can imagine, something had to give to get things done. But in addition to that, I was preparing for a surprise trip with my wife for our anniversary.

If you've read the title then you already know where we went and let me tell y'all - Dallas was THE BOMB. It was only a two day trip - Friday night to Sunday afternoon but so much fun.

We stayed in a hotel in Lewisville, right outside of Dallas which unfortunately wasn't a great stay, but I'll get into that in another blog. When we weren't at the hotel, we went to the Dallas World Zoo, went on a spontaneous 3 mile walk to see some cool local and photo worthy sites, and of course ate some GREAT food.

I'm going to go into more details in other blogs but really wanted to focus on just how fun this trip was for us! This was our first KIDS FREE trip since having our second daughter and, man, as much as we love our kids it was truly refreshing to get some time with my wife alone for more than a few minutes, hours a day.

The drive up was great, we got to talk in detail and catch up on how we've been doing - not just about things related to our kids or immediate home/personal needs we need to address. Being able to really take the time to have those conversations in an open way where we didn't have to creatively word things in a way that my almost two year can understand was awesome. We played a few road games, she napped for a bit and then we arrived.

The drive back, we took time to reflect on the weekend and discuss some realistic ways we can remain active and involved with each other, with our kids, and with our community. Ultimately, getting to my in-laws house to spend some great time with them playing boarding games and playing with the girls before spending the night and returning to the real world.

I'm excited to give more details about other parts of our trip in future blogs but please, make sure that you take time to get with your spouse/partner without our littles. It doesn't have to be for an anniversary and it doesn't have to be once a year - but please get it done. Your relationship will benefit from it!


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