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Staying in Lewisville

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Hey y'all!

If you've read my last blog, you may recall I mentioned a not so great stay in a Lewisville hotel. Although I'm not going to name to hotel ,or hotel company, out of consideration to their business; I will share our experience in all areas related to our stay.

Upon booking our room in August, I knew we'd be checking in after our specified check-in at 3pm. Because of that, I called ahead and requested a note be added that we'd have a late check in closer to 9/10pm, as well as requesting not to be on the first floor.

Fast forward to the day before, I attempted to call the hotel multiple times and only received a busy tone. This continued when trying to call the morning of check-in. I was able to reach out to the hotel via message and get confirmation that the boy was present and we were good to still check-in.

Upon arrival that night, the staff were incredibly kind and friendly! They made check-in a breeze and let us spin a wheel to earn extra rewards points. After getting to participate, we were given details about the hotel amenities which include complimentary breakfast, ice machines, a fitness room, basketball court, outdoor grilling and seating area, and a pool which was closed for maintenance. Then we were handed our key cards, unloaded the car, and headed up to our second floor room.

Once we made it to our room, we entered to discover the room was hot. Taking into consideration that we're in Texas, during one of the hottest summers in history, I can understand keeping the AC off in vacant rooms. We turned on the air, got settled, watched some TV, and eventually went to sleep. Unfortunately, the room remained hot, even though we could very clearly hear the AC on and running from the bed. Because of this, I couldn't sleep. Again keeping in my the Texas heat, I'd eventually gotten out of bed to check the AC was on and lowered the temperature a bit more.

The next morning we woke up, went downstairs, and ate the very well prepared and delicious complementary breakfast. We went back upstairs to change and head to our first activity. We came back to the hotel briefly to change and take a quick nap. We again noticed the heat, but after nearly oversleeping - we left the hotel in a whirlwind to make to dinner (can't wait to talk about this!).

After dinner, we made it back to the hotel and discovered our room was just as hot as it was during the day. At this point, after having the AC on for a full day, we felt it necessary to ask for a new room. The night staff, again incredibly friendly and very helpful, informed me that they don't have any vacant and clean rooms but that this doesn't mean that some of the vacant rooms aren't clean and just haven't been updated in their database. She very graciously took note of the empty rooms, agreed to check them, and would call our room after to let us know if we'd be able to make the requested move.

Unfortunately, none of the rooms were ready which meant we'd have to stay in our hot room. I did very candidly let her know during our early conversation of the little sleep I got the night before and she so kindly asked if we'd be willing to use a box fan as tonight was our last night with them. She also documented in their database what happened and stated that a manager would get with me when they returned on Monday. We agreed, received the box fan, and a mostly peaceful sleep was completed.

The next morning, after packing the room, loading the car, and returning the box fan - the front desk staff received the box fan mentioned that the room has had an AC issue previously due to the Texas heat. She again, documented the issue in their database, as well as put a note on the managers desk with my name, number, the room number we stayed in, and the issue that occurred. Ensuring that they'd be in contact to provide some form of compensation.

We then left. After returning home, the next day (Monday) I'd reached out to the hotel but again was unable to reach anyone - the phone still only gave a busy tone. At this point, I felt I should reach out to the hotel company's director customer service line for assistance to ensure that our need was received and that we'd be helped.

Although, the trip as a whole was fun and we made the most of this rough hotel situation. I truly believe that we experienced great customer service once we arrived and through out our stay. I don't blame the hotel staff that assisted us for the AC, but do feel that more care should've been taken to check the rooms more thoroughly prior to an anticipated arrival - especially in a situation where the heat is causing the AC to blowup. I truly appreciate the care that was placed in helping us get a bit more comfortable our second night and hope that they are able to resolve the issue before someone else checks into that room, or any other room with similar issues. Just goes to show you, even travel agents can have bad experiences during a hotel stay.

Remember, things out of our control can happen! Doesn't mean your trip has to be ruined. Make the most out of the situation and make sure you do your best to enjoy yourself in other areas of the trip!

Hope you enjoyed this. If you can relate to a rough stay, please share.


D'Vaughn Delpit

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