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Road Trippin'

I'm sure many of us have been on at least one road trip, right? Whether it was just a few hours or a few days. Idk about you, but it felt like my mom was a card road trip pro! Regardless of how long the trip was, she always had use prepared.

I think the best road trip, at least that I can recall, as a child was one of our many Disney trips - of course! This specific trip, she just seemed so ready. We loaded up for a week and a half vacation to Orlando in my dad's Nissan Altima and somehow my tretis master parents made the 7 suitcases, cooler, and various other travel related idea fit in a way that I was comfortable in the back next to the wall of items.

The best thing my mom did for our trips was back a small cooler full of sandwiches, drinks, and snacks. This not only saved us a TON of money on the road, it also stopped us from having to stop and waste precious time on the road. I've never yet been able to get this down for my family.

Because of the many road trips we took to Orlando, Destin, Pennsylvania, and various other places I've gained a love for being on the road! Having two little ones, it's a little more challenging since we have to stop to change diapers and let them burn energy but this hasn't stopped us - although it does make fitting the cooler a lot harder.

I'll keep you guys updated on how this works out for us as they get older.

Thanks for reading!

D'Vaughn Delpit

Dreams of Wonder Travel Agency


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Road Trip
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