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One Trip Started it All

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

After my parents got married, they took a honeymoon to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Fl. Little did my dad know that he quickly introduced my mom to a fun family tradition that we would continue for years to come! You see after that experience, my mom felt that this was something that I also needed to experience. The summer after their first trip together, it was my turn.

Like many kids, I'd only heard of and seen the magic of Disney on tv! In commercials and on Disney channel but never thought I'd get to see it firsthand. The knowledge of this trip created a high level of excitement! The time had finally come when school wrapped up and came to a close.

I don't remember much about the road trip to Orlando, Fl, from our home in New Orleans, La, except there were a ton of pit stops to potty and that my mom packed great snacks that sat in a styrofoam cooler on the floor of the back seat next to me. I do remember the excitement I felt the moment we'd crossed into the state of Florida - although I didn't understand that the panhandle was ridiculously long and would take, what felt like, an eternity to get through.

But after 18 hours of driving, STRAIGHT THROUGH, we'd finally made it to our hotel in Orlando! After checking in and unloading the car, I remember vividly how amazing I felt in being in such a new place where palm trees could be seen, and a sense of wonder filled the air. We took that day to rest and prepare for our first day in park!

Although I don't recall which park we'd gone to first, I do know we went to all four of them. I remember feeling overwhelmed with energy and wanting to run throughout the park to see everything it had to offer but being required to walk at the pace of my parents - boring. As we made our way through Magic Kingdom, I can recall the delicious smell of all the food and how incredible the castle looked up close. The excitement that I'd felt entering the backstage world of, what was then, MGM Studios. Being unsure of what to expect from Epcot, a sense of nervousness appeared. Finally, the chance to see not only animals, just like we were at the zoo but also the chance to see a Lion King show up close.

Little did I know, although these sights and more were terrific, there was nothing that would compare to the fireworks spectaculars that could be seen at three of these four phenomenal parks. The sights and sounds that were produced at each of these shows, were nothing less than breathtaking.

After this experience, it became a tradition for our family to take a trip to Walt Disney World, sometimes twice a year. Although this tradition was short-lived, until Hurricane Katrina, the impact they had on my life - as well as the impact felt by the magic made at the Most Magical Place on Earth - resulted in me being where I am today.

A, mildly, Disney-obsessed husband, father, past Disney College Program participant, social worker, and travel agent who hopes to bring the magic of Disney to anyone I provide my services to - regardless of whether you're booking a Disney vacation or not.

I appreciate the time you've taken to read this and hope you check out any future blog posts as I share more about my personal experiences, my time as a cast member, and travel related tips.

As the residents of Reedy Creek say, "Have a Magical Day!"

D'Vaughn Delpit

Dreams of Wonder Travel Agency

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Adam Farris
Adam Farris
Nov 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for sharing about your experiences. I can see the magic unfolding in the eyes of a child. I'm glad your parents were able to provide this opportunity for you and I see the impact that it can have on a life. I look forward to giving my children similar experiences!

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