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My Favorite Travel Snacks

Alright y'all, for anyone who has read my previous blogs or knows me personally, you know one of my favorite things about traveling is THE FOOD! In general, I love eating and trying new things, this can be from intricate new dishes to new takes on a good ole favorite. But something that is high on the importance level for travel related eats, are the snacks - especially pre-arrival snacks.

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite travel snacks and airport go-to's! To start, I love Zapp's chips, I'm from New Orleans, La., where they were started and have eaten them my entire life. After moving to Texas, at least the area I live in, didn't initially have them, about 2 years ago they finally made there way hear and I've been going crazy! This is not only a favorite travel snack, but anytime and any occasion snack.

Next i typically try to find something fruity, usually a gummy candy of some sort. I love peach rings, every now and then I can find some at the airport and will usually snatch up a bag or two. This is also a family favorite to share with my wife.

Now that we have kids, we typically try to bring something a little healthier along for us, when possible - fruits and my wife makes a cool "baby" trailmix/puppy chow for them. The "baby" trailmix/puppy chow, usually consists of a high fiber cereal, dried yogurt, and dried mango or some dried fruit. They love it!

I think my final go-to, if I can't find anything else, is trail mix, specifically Gardetto's Trail Mix - they also have a special bag of the Garlic Rye Chips (if I can find this, then I'm not getting anything else!).

I hope you enjoy learning about my go-to travel snacks! Please, share in the comments what yours are!


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