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I Never Leave Home Without...

There is always something that is high on the priority list when it comes to preparing to travel. This is always such an interesting topic to discuss with frequent travelers because you never know what they'll say. I've heard travelers focus on electronics, books, specific snacks, and even not being able to leave the house without completing specific house related chores.

For me, I never leave the house with two of the different options I just mentioned above. The first, is turning off my air conditioner/heater. The second, is my phone - for different reasons than you may think.

Why don't I leave home without turning off my AC/Heater? One, why pay for it to cool or heat an empty home - this is a smart and simple way to take a few bucks off of your electricity bill, and maybe gas bill depending on the type of heater you have. Two, with how amazing technology is currently, we've been fortunate and blessed enough to have a smart thermostat in our home which allows us to turn our AC/Heater on once we're ready to do so from anywhere in the world - with WiFi.

Why do I never leave home without my phone? This has many reasons, some of the more traditional options would be for contact uses with family, friends, home/babysitters, employers, etc. Another common reason, to access social media and entertainment on my phone for myself and my children - things like phone games, educational apps, and streaming platforms. Also, for a reason that many people don't realize, your phone can become your ticket/room key to many different travel related things. As we know, following COVID-19, the need to limit things being transferred hand to hand by multiple people was made painful away, this increased the use of virtual tickets, room keys, and other types of touchless technology. I personally love this option, especially because in many cases you have the option to put your boarding pass or room key on to your phones "smart wallet" making it one less thing to worry about. This is especially helpful for me as I typically manage tickets for our whole family when we travel.

I hope that this insight into what I never leave my house without has been helpful and provides you with some cool new options to try. I'm interested to learn what you never leave home without, and why?


D'Vaughn Delpit

Dreams of Wonder Travel Agency


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