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How do travel agents work?

So I tend to get this question often. Which makes sense, I didn't really know how travel agents worked until I was one! With that being said, I'd love to share what it is we do, how we may do it, and the benefits of working with a Travel Agent/Agency.

Travel agents provide a service to their clients where they partner with them to take care of the "hard part" of travel planning - the research, itinerary building, and coordination of all travel needs. When I say research I'm referring to the price hunting, finding options that meet all of the clients stated (and sometime not stated) needs, and looking for the best deals to stay around the budget area. Itinerary building is usually done in partnership with the client since the travel agent has done the research on various activities related to the destination, and/or have had personal experiences at that destination that aligned with the client's travel interests.

For most Travel Agents/Agencies, we have access to a variety of different platforms or portals that typically have better rates than what our clients can access. Sometimes it's as simple as providing a specific identifying number we're assigned by a larger travel related organization that assists in giving us access to those prices. Other times it based on our consistent us and built relationships with other travel companies that can help. But, again, in most cases we have access to better rates than our clients.

Additionally, we typically enjoy the research that can go into finding the hotel, flight, ground transportation, etc., that will best serve our clients needs. This can make the stress that many feel when it comes to coordinating the various moving pieces associated with travel and getting all your "ducks in a row" as they say, in some cases nonexistent for us. For me at least, it's one of my favorite parts! It feels like putting a big puzzle together and it's always satisfying once you see the picture it makes.

We also typically take care of the long/boring calls to various travel services to ensure that all and any little details is taken care of appropriately.

Finally, many may be wondering how it is we get paid. Well primarily get paid via commission from the various travel entities you've booked your cruise, hotel, rental vehicle, flight, or travel package with. Some travel agents may have some form service fee associated with their quote/booking process as a means to ensure clients follow through with the use of their service and to have made some form of compensation when they don't. Although this isn't a practice we use at Dreams of Wonder. Instead, similar to a few other agencies, we sell other travel related merchandise - having started so far with in house designed t-shirts and stickers and hoping to expand into luggage tags, suitcases, and many other items as our means of additional business income.

I hope this is helpful in understanding what we do! For more specific details on how I individually work through my client process, please ask and I'm happy to share.

Thanks for reading!

D'Vaughn Delpit

Dreams of Wonder Travel Agency

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