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Dallas Yummy Eats

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Hey y'all!

If you've been following my recent blogs, I've shared about our experiences while in Dallas - the driving there and back, our hotel experience, things we did, and now the food (I saved my favorite for last).

On the way up, we grabbed Chick-Fil-A and, as always, it was delicious but not the reason you're really reading this. The same can be said for the complementary breakfast we had at the hotel. I was honestly pretty surprised with the selections they had - scrambled eggs, omelettes, bacon, sausage, bagels, muffins, toast, several cereals, a variety of yogurt options and tops, as well as an assortment of juice options and coffee.

For lunch, we ate at Cafe Maya, inside of the Dallas World Aquarium. It was a fun and great place to eat as you had an overhead view of a section of the Aquarium. We, of course, say as close to the window as we could. The South of the Border Burger and Quasadilla Del Dia were both very good! It also gave us a great chance to sit down and take in the scenery and fun we'd got to have in the Dallas World Aquarium before moving into our next event.

That night we had probably my favorite meal of the trip at Haywire. This was a very cool modern western feeling restaurant in the downtown area on the ground floor of an apartment complex with connecting garage in which the elevator goes right to. We happened to bumb into a manager or owner on our way into the restaurant and they were very friendly even before they realized we were eating their. We were seated in an amazing booth along the walk where we could see the kitchen, the bar, and overhead bar TV's. To start we had a delicious Lump Crab Dip. For our main course I had a Wagyu beef burger called the Cadillac Burger, probably the best burger I've had in my life thus far, a draft beer, and glass of this amazing wine (which is wish I remembered the name of). My wife ordered the TX Whiskey BBQ Ribs, the "Big Bendt" Margarita, and another glass of really amazing wine. When I say, this food was so good that my mouth is watering as though it was sitting right in front of me, nearly a month after eating it. To top of our fantastic meal, we were giving a free dessert to celebrate our anniversary. Being from New Orleans, the moment I saw the had a Whiskey Bread Pudding I hopped on that - and BOY was it good.

On the day of our anniversary and the last day of our quick trip to Dallas, my wife pick brunch at The Mercat Bistro. This beautifully French themed restaurant was amazing both in aesthetic presented but also the food was phenomenal. To start, I ordered coffee along with an Espresso Martini and my wife order their very unique drink, The Pêche Mignon. We also had their Charcuterie & Fromage plate as an appetizer, which was very well presented and offered a very unique combination of foods on a charcuterie board. For our main dishes, my wife had the Smoked Salmon Benedict. As someone who is not personally a fan of anything Benedict, this was really tasty! I order the Croque Monsieur with Pomme Frites, which was their version of a burger and fries - I'm a pretty simple guy. However it was also very good - extra juicy and the fries were perfect. To help us celebrate, we were surprised with two glasses of champagne, which was a great way to end a fantastic meal and trip.

Although these weren't even half of the places we were interested in trying (thanks Pinterest) we chose to pick a place I was really excited about as well as one my wife was. We wanted to make the most of the trip and picking our favorite food stops early kept us excited, not just to be on a kid free getaway, but also to keep something fun on the schedule while allowing time between things to take advantage of a chance to rest and really enjoy each other's company.

Hope you guys get to try these places and thanks for taking the time to read!

D'Vaughn Delpit

Dreams of Wonder Travel Agency


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