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Dallas To-Do’s

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Hello again!

If you've been reading my recent blogs, I've been sharing about a recent trip to Dallas. The first blog was about traveling to Dallas and the second was about our stay in Lewisville (just outside of Dallas). This time I'll be sharing about some to-do's we've done on our last trip to Dallas as well as this trip.

Our first ever trip to Dallas was just a quick day trip, but during that trip we went to the Dallas Museum of Art, located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas. This was an amazing stop for anyone whose a museum lover! The museum had a variety of different exhibits ranging from traditional paintings, more creative pieces that include videos and music, and even some interactive experiences. I think my favorite the "Focus On: Ragnar Kjartansson" exhibit they had at the time.

We also went to Klyde Warren Park. This is a BEAUTIFUL park in the middle of downtown that has a large open space, public restrooms, several food trucks stationed around the park along with a few restaurant fronts built in towards the center, with a variety of sitting areas throughout. We didn't have our kids during either visit but this is a place I can't wait to bring them to! Both times we went families were out, some with various sports balls and equipment to play with. This is an amazing space for spending the day alone, as a couple, or with the whole family.

Something we got to do this time that we attempted our first visit was going to the Dallas World Aquarium. When I say this place was amazing, I'm still in awe thinking about it. It is a mostly in door, multi-level, two building experience. The building is engulfed in greenery and forestry that almost feels like the floating forest islands seen in the Avatar movies (the blue people, not the last air bender). They have a wide variety of birds, insects, reptiles, and, of course, aquatic animals. It wasn't so large that it took a super large chunk of the day. I'm pretty sure it took us about 2 hours to explore the beautiful facility and grab some lunch at the on site restaurant.

Since I wasn't sure how long we'd be at the aquarium, our time slot was 11am to 3pm and we actually were able to get in closer to 10:30am, I'd had a backup plan of some local tourist photo spots! Give we finished before 3pm, we took advantage of the parking spot at the aquarium and checked out Pioneer Plaza, this amazing green space in the middle of downtown that has a small stream flowing through it and has several, I think, bronze bull statues. Mixed in the bulls, you can also see cowboys on horseback corralling the bulls along the path. Definitely a fun spot to take pictures and just to see the recreation of this scene is amazing.

After our stop at Pioneer Plaza, we took another short walk to the Joule Hotel in Dallas. Right across the street, there is a giant eyeball! This ended up being more exciting for me than my wife, I can't imagine why she wasn't excited. Unfortunately, it looked as though they were preparing to host an event on the green space that the eye is housed on so we weren't able to get a great picture of or with it. But man, was thing this cool and a little nerve racking to see up close!

Before heading out, we had an incredible brunch but I'll share more about that in my next blog about the amazing meals we had during the trip. If you're a foodie, like I am, I hope you're looking forward to it!

As always, thanks for taking the time to read about our experience!

Happy traveling,

D'Vaughn Delpit

Dreams of Wonder Travel Agency


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